Electronic Monitoring
Enabling high accuracy monitoring of fishing operations at sea
Anchor Lab supplies solutions for electronic monitoring for a number of fisheries monitoring strategies. Our systems can be customized and configured to meet the varying requirements of monitoring different fisheries.
We provide a complete solution from automated data collection tailored to individual vessels, right through to the tools for the analysis of fishing activities and onboard procedures.
Black Box Video System
Through the use of video capture as part of a compliance strategy our system provides the necessary monitoring tools for reviewing various onboard processes & procedures.
Our system has been incorporated into the monitoring of the following activities:
  • Catch handling/processing procedures
  • Gear setting/retrieval
  • Discard activities
The Black Box Video System also supports all features of our Black Box R2 System.
Black Box R2 System
Specifically designed to monitor fishing activities in or around sensitive areas, such as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).
Through the automatic analysis of data gathered from GPS and sensors placed on the fishing gear, highly accurate estimates of fishing operations can be generated for review by compliance authorities.
Black Box Data Analysis Software
A strong data presentation system designed for visualizing and reviewing data from our Black Box Systems. Visualize where fishing occurs and sensor data collected with integrated video playback of the captured video.
Overview vessel information and status of uploaded data to plan the requirements and quantity of data to be reviewed. Additional tools for managing, configuring and troubleshooting Black Box Video systems are also included.
We are always eager to improve and extend the features of our systems, and are therefore happy to discuss what can be done to aid the work of those using our systems.
Adoption worldwide
Anchor Lab’s electronic monitoring ecosystem has been rolled out to cover the entire sector of various commercial fisheries globally. Anchor Lab is working in collaboration with a broad range of fisheries control, research agencies and industry partners to achieve the further adoption of electronic monitoring to support sustainable fishing practices.
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