Dynamic user-controlled sea maps for assisting, improving and optimizing Danish fisheries
GUDP-VIND is a Danish development and demonstration project that aims to expand and enrich the technological development within the industrial fishery industry with innovative dynamic digital maps. The maps will make it easier for the fishermen to focus and optimize their fishing operations in respect to the environment and their economy.
The project spans over 3 and half years and is supported by "Grønt Udviklings- og Demonstrations-Program", GUDP, under the Ministry of Food. Main collaborators include Anchor Lab, DTU Aqua, DMI, DFPO, and DPPO.
Anchor Lab is designing and developing the application for use by the fishermen out on the vessels. The application includes and will include the following main features:
  • Dynamic map for visualizing various vector and raster layers such as Grib, NetCDF, Shape files, GeoTIFF, etc.
  • User-friendly and yet advanced customization of layer appearance.
  • Real-time updates of surface weather, waves, 3D ocean and biogeochemical states.
  • Real-time updates of value-added layers such as Catch per unit effort (CPUE), Plankton measurements, etc.
  • Highlighting of historical catches in target areas on the map.
  • Messaging system for instant feature feedback and expansion ideas.
For more information about the application or to try it out, please contact us.
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