Black Box Video
Real-time monitoring system
Full electronic monitoring system for capturing video and sensor data onboard fishing vessels
Black Box
Data collection system
Reliable and robust real-time embedded data collection system for analog and digital sensors
Data presentation and
analysis application
User friendly and powerful tool for presenting and analyzing black box data
Traceability software
User friendly software for registering and reporting catches onboard fishing vessels
User friendly software for registering catches onboard fishing vessels

SIF and eLog are fully supported
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BlackBox VX Firmware 3.4.42 is out and brings geofencing and motion detection to the table

We have just released version 3.4.42 of the BlackBox VX firmware. The update will be downloaded and...
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Anchor Lab is rolling out electronic monitoring to the majority of the Danish bottom trawling vessels in Kattegat

It was politically decided to introduce electronic monitoring to the majority of the Danish fishery...
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Anchor Lab is aiding the modernisation of Scotland’s inshore fisheries

The Scottish government has announced that electronic monitoring and tracking of vessels is part of...
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With our custom in-house hardware designs, we provide cutting edge data collection systems to fit almost any customer requirements.
Anchor Lab is highly involved in fisheries research and have implemented several tools and applications aiding scientists and the fisheries industry.
We provide a wide range of consultancy services and strive to deliver premium quality and innovative solutions to our customers.
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