Black Box Lite

Modular and flexible remote electronic system designed specifically to meet the challenges and needs of the small scale fisheries fleet.

The Black Box Lite system has been designed to bridge the gap between our Black Box Sensor system and our full remote electronic monitoring system the Black Box Video. The Black Box Lite system has been designed with modularity and flexibility at its core. These design choices enable it to be applicable to numerous different use-cases primarily within the small scale fisheries industry.

The Black Box Lite system is capable of supporting two Power Over Ethernet cameras directly from its control unit. Its firmware supports the major features of the Black Box Video system, including its robust video recording strategy, camera configuration, remote connectivity, over the air updates and sensor support. While it has also been designed to be capable of being used as a sensor only solution, thus can be used as a direct replacement of the Black Box Sensor system.

Black Box Lite

Micro form factor

As its name suggests, the Black Box Lite system has been designed with the smallest possible form factor. Measuring just 165(L) x 125(W) x 42(H) mm in size.

The passive cooling system design ensures a silent and durable system, with no need for noisy fans that expose the system to dust & dirt entering the hardware.

Black Box Lite

Development progression

With the latest product development milestones being passed, the first deployment trails are expected to commence soon. The Black Box Lite hardware has passed the certification process for all major markets (including FCC, CE and RCM). While the delivery of units from the first mass production run has been completed.

The development of the system’s custom firmware, which will support all major features of the Black Box Video system, is in full swing with significant milestones in its development expected to be passed shortly.