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Anchor Lab is aiding the modernisation of Scotland’s inshore fisheries

The Scottish government has announced that electronic monitoring and tracking of vessels is part of a package of measures being taken to protect Scotland’s inshore fleet.

The programme, which will monitor boats in inshore waters, is designed to help establish local fisheries management arrangements. Anchor Lab is proud to have been selected to provide the technology to support the monitoring programme, while renowned marine electrician Woodsons of Aberdeen will lead the installation activity.

Installation work is expected to start in April, initially focusing on deploying to the entire scallop dredge fleet of around 120 vessels in 2020.

Tracking for Scotlands inshore fisheries
Queensland project moves forward to the proof of concept phase

We are extremely happy to announce that we are continuing our collaboration with the Advance Queensland Small Business Innovation Research Initiative and moving forward into the proof of concept phase.

Over the next 12 months we will be working closely with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) to produce and roll out our new electronic monitoring system tailored toward small scale fisheries. Our new system will enable us to gather a greater variety of fisheries data and open up exciting possibilities to further our development of automated analysis tools.

You can read the full press release from the Queensland Government here.

For further details of the project as it proceeds can be read from our project development webpage that can be found here

VIND version 2.4 has been released

VIND just got even better. We have optimized different areas of the application and reduced the size of all the dynamic layers. We even added some new bottom layers, providing information about the bottom current, sediment and sea cabling.

The major features in VIND 2.4 are:
  • New background map added with a light theme.
  • View the bottom current at any position in the North Sea, with a 5 day forecast.
  • View the depth at any position in the North Sea.
  • View the different sediment types in the North Sea.
  • Get an overview of the cables in the North Sea.
  • Reduced layer sizes for dynamic layers.
  • Improved overview of historical catches.

VIND version 2.0

VIND is a free windows application, so please contact us if you want to give it at try.
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