BlackBox VX Lite Released

Anchor Lab is excited to announce the launch of our latest remote electronic monitoring (REM) system, the BlackBox VX Lite. The control unit of the BlackBox VX Lite system has been custom-developed to Anchor Lab’s specific requirements. It is intended for use within the small-scale fisheries sector, with or without video capture enabled.

The firmware of the BlackBox VX Lite system has been built from the ground up, to utilize the system’s potential fully. All of the main firmware features of the BlackBox VX system are, or will be soon, included within the BlackBox VX Lite’s firmware. At the same time, the firmware of both systems will continue to evolve to meet the monitoring needs and challenges of our customers.

Over recent months, the BlackBox VX Lite system has been undergoing at-sea trials and has performed flawlessly throughout. The BlackBox VX Lite is now available to our wider customer base.

Further details are available on the system's webpage and in its datasheet.