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Analysis Software

The Black Box Analyzer provides a strong data visualisation & analysis environment designed for analysing data from REM systems, with integrated support for Anchor Lab's Black Box systems.

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Black Box Video

A customizable & flexible Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) system for capturing fishing activities and catch handling processes taking place at-sea.

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Black Box Lite

The Black Box Lite system has been designed with modularity and flexibility at its core, supporting analog and digistal sensors plus two Power over Ethernet cameras directly from the control unit.

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Mobile Fisheries App

Mofi is a mobile application for tracking and registering fishing operations, catches and bycatches, providing compliance, data accuracy, and traceability for fishers.

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Traceability Software

VDEC is a traceability application for the registration of catches on-board fishing vessels and transferring the information to the next link in the traceability chain on-shore.

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AI Integration

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models within Black Box Analyzer ecosystem to enhance functionality while maintaining established ethical and privacy standards.

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