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Analysis Software

The Black Box Analyzer provides a strong data visualisation & analysis environment designed for analysing data from REM systems, with integrated support for Anchor Lab's Black Box systems.

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Black Box Video

A customizable & flexible Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) system for capturing fishing activities and catch handling processes taking place at-sea.

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Black Box Sensor

A vessel monitoring data collection system with analog and digital sensors support optimised for monitoring fishing effort and marine habitat interaction.

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Mobile Fisheries App

Mofi is a mobile application for tracking and registering fishing operations, catches and bycatches, providing compliance, data accuracy, and traceability for fishers.

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Traceability Software

VDEC is a traceability application for the registration of catches on-board fishing vessels and transferring the information to the next link in the traceability chain on-shore.

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AI Integration

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models within Black Box Analyzer ecosystem to enhance functionality while maintaining established ethical and privacy standards.

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